Why choose ceramic? Because it’s a natural, safe material that is suitable for any application. It does not release harmful substances, it does not burn and it’s sustainable, recyclable, resistant, durable and easy to install. But above all, it’s beautiful.

Did you know that ceramic is a safe and completely recyclable material? It’s hygienic, hypoallergenic and odourless, it does not release harmful substances and it’s ideal for any application.

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 Ceramic does not deteriorate or expand

Some floors don’t deteriorate or expand… as long as they are maintained at a constant temperature. But ceramic does not contain plastic, it does not deteriorate or expand, and it is extremely hard wearing.

 Ceramic is recyclable

Some floors are recyclable… as long as the layers they are made of are separated one by one. But ceramic does not contain plastic and is homogeneous and recyclable.

 Ceramic characteristiques


Ceramic is a safe, natural material that originates from the earth. It does not contain plastic and is completely recyclable.


Ceramic is one of the most hygienic of all materials. It’s odourless and easy to clean using any household detergent.


Ceramic is a durable and hard-wearing material. It’s easy to clean and always looks as good as new.

 It does not burn

It does not burn and in the event of fire does not release substances that are harmful to people or the environment.


Ceramic is a strong material that does not change shape or freeze and is resistant to even the most aggressive chemical detergents.


With its infinite variety of sizes and surfaces, ceramic is suitable for any application, whether floors or walls, countertops or tables.


A ceramic floor is practical, stable and can be easily skillfully installed in shops, restaurants, offices and surfaces of all kinds.


Ceramic is a sustainable material that is healthy and environment-friendly because it is produced in full compliance with European and American standards.