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As the years have gone by, the experience we have amassed, along with the sensitive approach that is typical of people who work with a natural product, has taken us down a virtuous path and become central in any decisions we make and how we operate.

Today, the industrialisation of processes, the advent of computers, and a management style open to change and to ongoing developments in taste and style, have transformed “Tuscania”, as it is affectionately known on the market, turning it into a company at the cutting edge; a business that is independent and free to take ambitious, winning decisions.

As a result, 2007 was a year of major change when important investments were made in order to replace our production lines and acquire the latest technologies so we could offer the market new products benefitting from new tools. Work in our laboratories is ongoing and continues in parallel, carried out by our in-house research centre whose aim is to try out new technical and aesthetic solutions and create surfaces, colours and finishes that reproduce natural elements, such as wood, metals, textiles and of course terracotta.